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Change is Inevitable

Growth is always about change and the very first thing we need to do is to identify the fact that we wish to change. Once we have made that choice, and it is a choice which can come in different ways, we can move forward.

It may be a sudden awakening or through a major life event. The failing of a relationship or having heard a motivational speaker that opens your eyes to something in you needing to be resolves once and for all.

Self inspiration is more than just that warm fuzzy feeling we feel inside after listening to music or seeing a great movie. It is also self questioning. Self questioning requires focus and honesty. It means not hiding behind the fear of facing our short comings or motivations. It is the act of our conscious mind observing our unconscious behavior, as it is happening. Now that's wild.

There are a few steps that need to be taken from the question to the outcome.
When you are ready, start with a small question, then answer it, then take action. That action being addressing the answer that was attached to the question.
It may be for example, an attitude.

If you are say prejudiced toward a certain group of people or segment of society, ask yourself, why do I think this way. There may be many reasons. Environment, training, indoctrination, to name a few. If due to a life altering event, you are now open to a shift in your belief and mindset, then your answer will resolve that conflict. The next stage is to create a timestamp in your mind of when and why you changes your mind. When you are feeling weak or persuaded, you go back to your timestamp. Every time this happens, you will reinforce your new mindset.

Do this often enough and you will change the landscape of your life.

I have created a small 30 day guide for you so that you can begin to ask thought provoking questions. They are meant to get the ball rolling in you mind.



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