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Can you spot the lie within yourself?

When we are blind we cannot see. When we know and understand we see. How can you know what you don't know? Arriving at that place when you truly know yourself and who you are, the lies hold no power. Can you spot the lie within yourself? Can you be that honest? Download my book Words Women Love and watch your relationship change before your eyes.
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Can you share your truth with someone today?

What if you decided today to bring value into others lives by being real, honest and authentic, instead of always trying to impress others. When you learn to do this it will have the effect that you were seeking in the first place. Can you express one truth to someone today?

Why do you still believe the lie?

How often have you put your trust in someone else instead of yourself, only to realize it was the wrong thing to do! Our past mistakes scare us into thinking we don't have the wisdom to trust ourselves. The problem is we begin to believe what others say of us and through their own fear hold us down from really experiencing an abundant life.

Do you have moral integrity?

Here is my latest video from my inspire me series.
Reach for the upper moral, not the upper hand.
How easy it can be to take shortcuts and overshadow others when we perceive their weaknesses. This is when we can reach beyond our carnal nature and help those who seek help with no ulterior motive.
Can you reach Up by reaching Down?

Do you feel beautiful?

Day 2 of my 31 Day Inspire Me booklet.
Have you let others decide who you are?
Do you struggle with accepting yourself in the face of others?
Your scars and your pain are beautiful veins of gold running through your being.
Learning to accept all of you and healing is a hard process. It means facing yourself and loving who you are. It means accepting and embracing the shadow parts that make up you. The greatest testament of a life lived greatly is a life where a complete surrendered soul  rises up out of the darkness and into the light. This is where true love lives.
When we let others suppress us we no longer can really express ourselves and that leads to depression. Suppression which holds down expression leads to depression, remember that.

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We are Called to Love

Please watch my latest video as I start to go through each day of my free 30 day inspirational guide.
In today's message I talk about love, love with no conditions. Download your free pdf from my website.

Words Women Love Live Book Signing

Youtube alerted me to the fact that this video is unsuitable for advertising due o the content! 

This means I am on the right path and that this important message will be heard. We all love a controversy so I guess this is a small one.

The proverbial pop can has been shaken and someone cracked open the lid and now we have a mess to clean up.

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Change is Inevitable

Growth is always about change and the very first thing we need to do is to identify the fact that we wish to change. Once we have made that choice, and it is a choice which can come in different ways, we can move forward.
It may be a sudden awakening or through a major life event. The failing of a relationship or having heard a motivational speaker that opens your eyes to something in you needing to be resolves once and for all.
Self inspiration is more than just that warm fuzzy feeling we feel inside after listening to music or seeing a great movie. It is also self questioning. Self questioning requires focus and honesty. It means not hiding behind the fear of facing our short comings or motivations. It is the act of our conscious mind observing our unconscious behavior, as it is happening. Now that's wild.
There are a few steps that need to be taken from the question to the outcome. When you are ready, start with a small question, then answer it, then take action. That action being …

Words Women Love

It's time to start teaching and create opportunities for men to grow.  Examples are powerful ways to motivate and inspire. 
I have taken my romantic prose and compiled them into a cohesive work which also includes inspirational messages as well as relationship advice.
Taking simple "I miss you" texts and sexting to a new level where you become the eloquent writer to your love, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement into your relationship. 
 *** There is a thought, a small distant whisper.  I try to snag it but it eludes me.  It comes when I'm not looking.
It teases my mind and I chase it like a  kite as it bounces on the ground and
twirls in the air, just out of reach.

I want it revealed. I want to hold it to see  what it looks like. I feel I know it,  before I knew it. 
My mind is a crowd of thoughts but it seeks you.  I lie still pretending not to care.  I will trick you.  I will play hard to get and then you  will beg my full attention. 
Become her Scarlet Pimpern…