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We are Called to Love

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Words Women Love Live Book Signing

Youtube alerted me to the fact that this video is unsuitable for advertising due o the content! 

This means I am on the right path and that this important message will be heard. We all love a controversy so I guess this is a small one.

The proverbial pop can has been shaken and someone cracked open the lid and now we have a mess to clean up.

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Change is Inevitable

Growth is always about change and the very first thing we need to do is to identify the fact that we wish to change. Once we have made that choice, and it is a choice which can come in different ways, we can move forward.
It may be a sudden awakening or through a major life event. The failing of a relationship or having heard a motivational speaker that opens your eyes to something in you needing to be resolves once and for all.
Self inspiration is more than just that warm fuzzy feeling we feel inside after listening to music or seeing a great movie. It is also self questioning. Self questioning requires focus and honesty. It means not hiding behind the fear of facing our short comings or motivations. It is the act of our conscious mind observing our unconscious behavior, as it is happening. Now that's wild.
There are a few steps that need to be taken from the question to the outcome. When you are ready, start with a small question, then answer it, then take action. That action being …

Words Women Love

It's time to start teaching and create opportunities for men to grow.  Examples are powerful ways to motivate and inspire. 
I have taken my romantic prose and compiled them into a cohesive work which also includes inspirational messages as well as relationship advice.
Taking simple "I miss you" texts and sexting to a new level where you become the eloquent writer to your love, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement into your relationship. 
 *** There is a thought, a small distant whisper.  I try to snag it but it eludes me.  It comes when I'm not looking.
It teases my mind and I chase it like a  kite as it bounces on the ground and
twirls in the air, just out of reach.

I want it revealed. I want to hold it to see  what it looks like. I feel I know it,  before I knew it. 
My mind is a crowd of thoughts but it seeks you.  I lie still pretending not to care.  I will trick you.  I will play hard to get and then you  will beg my full attention. 
Become her Scarlet Pimpern…

Don't touch me!

Just how close to that edge will you step up to. How willing are you to roll the dice?
After all you’ve seen and read, are you still convinced it’s “no big deal.”

Let me tell you, it’s a huge deal!
A big deal that won’t go away.
Sadly many men won’t change until they get that wake up call from an incident or getting caught or have an awakening. Here’s a hint, have the awakening it’s less painful.

If words like understanding, empathy, compassion, fairness, equality aren’t in your lexicon then that may be a sign that you may need to do some work on yourself.

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The #metoo movement is real!

Why is the #metoo movement important? Well, that amazing 10 year old just behind my shoulder is the reason why!
Training young boys in ways that reflect honour and integrity, fairness and empathy, and I could go on and on.
Men need good examples but just as important so do the young lions. Cultivating rich hearts and open minds so we can actually move away from where we are today.
We talk so much about inclusion like transgender or LGBT that we can forget to include women here.
Not just with fair wages or job opportunities but as equals in every sense, from their emotional might to owning their sexuality and feeling free enough to be exactly who they want to be without apology!
This is my message of hope it only for women but for the young boys. To break the trend and make a difference not tomorrow but now!

Minister to her

This may be an odd choice of a word to explain a healthy relationship but when a man can "minister" to his love, he is caring for her in the most complete way. As the authority on the subject of "her" he can attend to her emotional, mental and physical needs. He will know where to safeguard her and caution her while creating a safe and secure environment for her to simply "be". He will focused on her well being and at the ready to fight for their love. Can you imagine how rich this would feel, how satisfying?

Ever uniquely myself

I am uniquely myself.I carry with me a very strong sense of self. With this comes a knowing and understanding of who I am. My emotions and mental landscape are known to me quite well for I walk them daily.  I crave to know and understand.An awareness of my own history keeps me grounded and close to my inner home. I will take snapshots of moments, deliberately stopping to take in what I am feeling in that moment. The senses filled with what I feel, see, smell and hear. This inner strength has allowed me to speak into the lives of other and inspire and encourage.This has also allowed me to love in a way that surpasses tangible evidence. Expressing to extreme the motivations in my heart and soul. #healthymehealthywe

Listen closely

When a man learns to hear with his inner ear, his understanding and ability to communicate will increase tenfold. It is when we, as men only hear, that we misjudge, react in the wrong way.
Begin to exercise your inner ear and hear the heart of your love. Take small steps and you will see the impact and the results will be a harmonious relationship, where you can effortlessly navigate the intricacies of the female being you so desperately love and cherish.
She will regard and esteem you and be more than you ever imagined.